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Todd Lamb was born into the high-speed boating arena. His father Walter Lamb Jr. was a native from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and raised on the water, so it was only destiny that his son would follow. With learning to maintain his father’s and family friend’s exotic high-speed boats. This is where the mostly self-taught Lamb learned everything from working on motors to fiberglass repair.Walter Lamb was one of the first in the early 80’s to order a new 24’ Skater Pleasure Cat from Pete HLedin of Skater Powerboats, located in Douglas Michigan. Pete became a very high influence in Todd’s learning as many trips to the factory in the 80’s and 90’s with tons of phone calls to Pete on help with everything from repairing customer’s boats to building his own personal race crafts. With the Skater factory being close to Todd in the 1990’s and 2000’s. A lot of repair work that Skater could not get in quickly usually found its way to Todd’s shop when he was in Ohio. Todd did everything from rigging, fuel tank replacements, fiberglass repair, and more. Todd attributes a lot of his knowledge and capabilities and is very thankful for Pete HLedin help and relationship with the family over the years. Todd and his father travelled all over to some of the first ever boat shootouts held on the East side of the US in their first go fast boat. There first go fast was an 80 mph Checkmate they ran in the late 1970’s and the early 1980’s. Their supercharged Cheyenne jet boat, and finally found the 24 Skater was the boat that could do it all much safer. This Skater led the family into a slew of Skater’s over the years. Everything from 21’s with twins, lots of 24’s, 28’s, 32’s and a 36 Skater. In 1992, at the age of 18, Todd started drag off his racing in the ADBA (American Drag Boat Association), SDBA (St. Louis Drag boat Association) and IHBA (International Hot Boat Association) sanctions. After meeting and being taking under the professional arms of world famous outboard racer Jon Wright and engine guru Earl Moorman, Todd entered the Unlimited Outboard Hydro Class and is one of only a hand full of drivers to power an outboard hydro over 140 mph in the liquid quarter mile. After learning about these boats and taking advice from pro’s like Gary Pugh. Lamb started tinkering with building a few hydro’s on his own in the 90’s. After needing more speed like most boat racing junkies do. Todd moved into a 200 mph capsuled supercharged alcohol drag hydro, a Kurtis 501 hydro with a Denver Mullins capsule. After seeing a huge loss of life in the Top Alcohol and Top fuel classes and some of his current mentor’s and friend’s loss their life’s. Todd decided to step out of the drag boat racing arena and go to the quarter mile asphalt for a short period. Spending only 2 years wheeling an ex-pro stock drag motorcycle down the quarter mile at over 180 mph at 7.80 seconds. It was not the same as the high-speeds on the water. So in 1998 Todd returned to the water racing again in a Formula 2 tunnel outboard circle racing boat. A couple of years in this class Todd decided to start building is own boats and had a very successful run with his builds. Lamb purchased the Chad Caniff molds and started designing his own bottom configuration for them. With providing boats for world famous F1 and F2 racers like Terry Rinker, Randy Rinker, Kelly Kidwell, Mike Maskal, Paul Balfour, Barry Wolf and many others. The Lamb hull was proven a winner. Unfortunately, with a broken neck sustained in 2002 during a F2 race. Lamb only ran a couple of years after that and had to hang it up to recover. In 2005 Todd decided to sell the boat racing company and stick to boat repairing, because of a non-compete in place. This allowed Lamb to do a lot of sub contract work like consulting, plug designing, and mold making for some of the top boat manufactures out there. In 2005, Lamb built a 32’ foot bottom mold that was sent overseas and used by one of the Middle Eastern offshore race teams in the famous twin outboard offshore racing class X Cat. In 2008 to 2011 Lamb once again tried his luck at the quarter mile asphalt in a Top Alcohol Funny Car in the IHRA and NHRA ranks. With a short stint in testing, exhibition, and racing, Lamb found this still was not his love and with the 2008 economy crash, he just was not able to secure the sponsors needed to run such an expensive operation. In the late part of 2013, the next boat venture got under way as Lamb bought the original Talon Companies, Gary Armington designed, Talon 22 outboard and Talon 22 inboard molds (two separate molds.) This moved Lamb more towards the go-fast pleasure boat world where he always wanted to be. In 2017, Lamb’s dreams of building big cat boats finally came to a reality. Lamb was able to buy the 30’ and 36’ Original Spectre Cat boat molds. In January 2018, Lamb closed the entire deal and bought the balance of the company, which included the 32’ Spectre Cat molds and the company name “Spectre.” Today you will find Lamb out testing his customer’s boats and spending time with his family on the water. You will see him at Poker Runs, Shootout’s and other boating events. The personal experience and great people Lamb has met over the years is why he continues in the boating world and he Thanks every one of them for blessing him with friendship, work, and knowledge.

"I don't need therapy, I just need my boat"