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Screaming Eagle Boats Changes Name To Spectre Powerboats

Speed on the Water article
Written by Matt Trulio
Without question, the nomenclature surrounding the Spectre line of catamarans, which was originally created by Florida-based Jay Pilini, has been confusing at times during the years. But given that Screaming Eagle Boats of Bellefontaine, Ohio, owns the Pilini-designed tooling for the Spectre 30-, 32- and 36-foot catamarans—the tooling was purchased from its former owner Chris Ivey—company principal Todd Lamb has decided that a name change is in order. “We have had some confusion in the past with potential customers inquiring about Spectre Powerboats and being confused with the Screaming Eagle Boats name,” Lamb said. “So after discussing a lot of pros and cons in a meeting this past week, the decision was made to drop the Screaming Eagle Boats name and just keep the Spectre Powerboats name solely. “So from here on forward we will be known as ‘Spectre’ and ‘Spectre Powerboats,’ ” he added. “Hopefully we should have the first one out of the paint shop soon and back down here getting rigged.” Still in the sport catamaran manufacturing business, Pilini’s current company is called Pilini Marine Technologies. “Although Jay Pilini is the originator of Spectre Powerboats, he sold that company in 2006 and is no longer affiliated with the construction of any Spectre cat after that date,” the Pilini website states.

Two Companies in Partnership to Diversify and Expand Product Line

Scream And Fly article
Written by Greg Terzian
Screaming Eagle Boats, well known builder of various high performance catamaran powerboats including Talon, Spectre Cat boats and numerous custom Formula 1 and hydroplane race boats dating back to 1992, and highly recognized for their unmatched focus on high quality design, manufacturing techniques, layups, and rigging are expanding their capabilities globally along with an exciting new partnership with Talon Powerboats LLC. Screaming Eagle Boats, in alliance with Talon Powerboats, are together expanding their business operations and focus on the Talon platform and models. Talon Powerboats LLC, now operating as a separate and wholly owned business entity, including ownership of the Talon 22 SS, Talon 22 XL and now the Talon 26 models, will focus on product development, innovation, new models and expansion of the Talon brand globally. Talon Powerboats LLC has formed an exclusive partnership with Screaming Eagle Boats, who along with their Spectre business will focus on the highest quality product and handcrafted design & manufacturing techniques and will continue to fully build and rig all Talon models. Both Screaming Eagle Boats and Talon Powerboats teams are extremely thrilled about the partnership, expansion, the next generation of the Talon brand, and what it means to the small and midsized catamaran market and our demanding customers. The alliance allows both companies to apply a laser focus on their unique specialties and core competencies, which translates to more innovation and production of the highest quality super sport catamarans for our clients.

Screaming Eagle Boats Purchases Spectre Powerboats

SEB takes a bigger leap into the CAT boat market with Todd and Karen Lamb purchasing the remaining molds and company name of Spectre Powerboats. Last summer, Screaming Eagle Boats purchased the 30’ and 36’ original Spectre boat molds. At that time the 32’ molds and the Spectre company name was not for sale. Todd told the owner of Spectre, if he ever wanted to sell, to put him first on the list. It just so happened, that the first of this year Todd received that call from the owner of Spectre. Even though this was happening a lot quicker than expected, SEB knew it was a now or never opportunity. After a month and a half of sleepless nights, SEB officially closed the deal Friday, February 16th, 2018. The SEB crew is very excited to have the complete Spectre line up along with Talon and American Offshore Powerboats under one roof. There are great things to come with this company, and great quality boats to back it!

Wave to Wave Performance Boat Magazine

"Screaming Eagle Boats, Talon 22 - The Talon 22 is without a doubt one of the most stunning designs of any boat from any time. I remember seeing one in a magazine as a kid and it literally looked like a spaceship compared to other boats. With a wide stance and swept back fairing, the small Talon looks like it was designed in a wind tunnel by an F1 racing team. But, it was actually designed and originally built by Gary Armington, who previously built a 21 that was unique but not the caliber the 22 is. Not long ago the molds exchanged hands and are now being built by Screaming Eagle Boats. The owner Todd Lamb, has posted some awesome builds recently and it looks like they are doing a great job. You can get a brand new one from them and when rigged with a 300 XS will eclipse 100 MPH no problem. Still one of the nicest looking small tunnels around, they are a center pod design that can handle big power and is a really stable boat that is near impossible to beat. The hull is exactly 22’ with an 8’ beam and weighs about 1,150 Lbs."

"Eat. Sleep. Boat. Repeat."