Spectre 32'

This is the original 32 foot Spectre Cat. The 32 has a more modern looking deck and a new 5 step bottom design, making this a great performing hull. Famous for being one of the few, if not the only, true tunnel cats to not have that 70 to 100 mph porpoise/hop associated with most true tunnel boats. “I was simply amazed the first time I rode in one and it did not have that nasty hop as many of our competitor’s boats do.” -Todd Lamb
This boat is available in twin outboard, triple outboard and twin sterndrive/io models.

Available for I/O or Outboards

Length: 32' 0"   

  • Beam: 102"
  • Twin 300R, 400R or 450R configuration
  • Triple 300R, 400R or 450R configuration
  • Twin Inboard configuration

spectre 32

                                                                                                        spectre 32

"Keep Calm and Boat On"